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About Us

Crossroads Care Staffordshire is a leading provider of support for home carers and the people they care for in the region. As a charity, we care for people, not profit. Our care support staff love their work. They understand what carers, and those they care for, need and feel. They know the simple things that really matter, they do the hard jobs with a smile and they take pleasure in fitting into family life.

We work with over 600 individuals and their families, helping carers to make a life of their own outside of caring. With over 17 years experience and employing over 130 trained professionals we provide the highest quality homecare service giving each carer the peace of mind to let someone else step into their shoes. It's no surprise then, that Crossroads Care staff build long and trusted relationships and more people turn to us for support than to any other social care provider.

Our approach is professional, friendly and confidential. So if you need support or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Mission Statement

Crossroads promotes, offers support and delivers high quality services for carers, adults and children with a disability or care needs.

Our Aims

Crossroads Staffordshire is a specialist voluntary organisation providing support to carers, adults and children living with a disability to enable a carer to ‘take a break’ from their caring role and to support those living with a disability to feel supported in all aspects of their lives.

Crossroads Care Staffordshire

Latest News & Forthcoming Events

04-10-2015 Best Breakfast

Britain's Best Breakfast is our national fundraising campaign — raising money to help us support more unpaid carers and give them a break from their caring role.
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Crossroads Care Staffordshire is committed to protecting your privacy. We never disclose personal data to third parties.